Making Silk Flowers: Peek at Technique to Do It Yourself

Make-it-yourself silk Narcissus and Tulip flowers

Ever wonder what would be involved in making silk flowers yourself, using readily available fabrics and household products to create amazingly life-like artificial flowers on your own? (Examples at right: silk flower Narcissus and Tulips made from scratch!)

Here’s a peek into the crafting techniques, materials and tools required to do it yourself.

Is it hard to do?
According to a UK silk flower making expert, 'You do not need any special skills, just an interest in nature, an eye for colour, and the ability to handle a pair of scissors with moderate precision.'

Whew! Glad to hear that.

What materials and products are needed for making silk flowers?
More good news! You can easily obtain fabrics of cotton, polyester, crepe, silk and satin to make silk flowers. You can even use white cotton sheeting and dye it to any color desired.

Material of varying thickness, different textures and fabric facings can produce different effects. In general, a starch coating is applied to the fabrics, which are then formed and shaped.

Besides fabrics, you will need a handful of readily available items for your silk flower making project:
- Scissors
- Wires
- Wire cutter
- Plastic tubing
- Cornstarch
- PVA glue
- Paintbrush
- Sewing thread and needle
- Clear fast-drying glue
- Foam rubber matting
- Cardboard
- Floral tape
- Spoon and fork for marking and shaping fabric

(*There are tools specifically designed for making faux flowers, but you can experiment with household cutlery for creasing, curling, and making veins and markings.)

Where can I find complete instructions for making my own silk flowers at home?
You can do a search on Google or other search engines with the phrase “make silk flowers” (include the quote marks). The results will offer how-to videos, tutorials, and techniques for many different projects.

Make This Silk Rosebud - Tutorial

Make This Silk Rosebud

For a walk-through of the basic procedures, click here to view an illustrated tutorial for the complete process to make beautiful silk Rosebud stems.

From the illustrated tutorial page, you will have a quick overview and a clear understanding of the work and materials involved in making silk flowers.

If you would rather watch than read, this website also provides a free 4-part VIDEO tutorial on how to make a Nastya Rose flower from fabric.

This site also offers all the professional tools and materials you will ever need for making silk flowers yourself!

I hope the tips in this article have helped you on your way to artificial flower making happiness.  :-)

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