Bridal Bouquet Styles and Wedding Flower Pictures, Tips and Ideas

Simple Bridal Bouquet

Looking for pictures of bridal bouquet styles and wedding flower photos, along with tips and ideas to help you choose?

Here you will find descriptions and pictures of wedding bouquet favorites, with tips sprinkled throughout. This article highlights popular bridal bouquet styles, and may help you decide on one that suits you.

You'll also find a wedding flower photo gallery, showcasing the most popular flowers being used in bridal bouquets and wedding flower arrangements for the ceremony and reception.

There are also wedding flower tips and ideas for your bridal party.

Bridal Bouquet Styles
Did you know there are a variety of bridal bouquet styles for you to choose from? Here are some pictures of them...

Round Bridal Bouquet

The ever-popular Round Bridal Bouquet hails from Victorian times. You may hear it referred to by other names, such as a Tussie Mussie, Nosegay or Posy bouquet. Whatever you call it, it is a good choice for any wedding!

Cascade Bridal Bouquet

The well-loved Cascade Bridal Bouquet has a trail of flowers and foliage that extends below the main bouquet, giving it a more formal and elegant personality.

For a traditional look, these bridal bouquet styles can be nested in lace or tulle bouquet collars. Without the collar, extra foliage sprays can serve as backing.

Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet

The Handtied Bouquet is a more modern, European style. If the stems are cut evenly at the bottom, they can be fanned out so the bouquet can stand on its own for display at the dais, without a holder. Stems can be tied with ribbon and bow, or wrapped with a ribbon covering. This is a more casual look, but very lovely with the ribbon accents.

Contemporary Bridal Bouquet

A Contemporary Wedding Bouquet could be the one for you if you're of a mind to buck tradition. Let your imagination run wild! This bridal bouquet style can include unusual elements such as spirals and pods, and leans toward being more open with less flowers. But large-blossomed flower varieties with vibrant colors make up for that! You want attention? You'll get it!

Arm Bouquet

Let's not forget the famous Arm Bouquet, also called a Presentation or Sheaf bouquet. It's flat and triangular and is held in the crook of your arm. You have probably watched the winner of a Beauty Pageant accept such a bouquet on television.

Although not as popular as the other bridal bouquet styles, the arm bouquet is a good choice for allowing intricate bodice lace or frontal beadwork on the wedding gown to be viewed and appreciated.

Here's a Starburst cascading bridal bouquet of my own design that's
part traditional, part contemporary, definitely a little different!

Silk flower cascade wedding bouquet

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silk flower Starburst Cascade Wedding Bouquet

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Wedding Flower Picture Gallery
Here are some popular wedding flowers (photos below) that can be used in bridal bouquets and arrangements for the ceremony and reception: Forget-Me-Not, Daisy, Gardenia, Lily of the Valley, Ranunculus, Cymbidium Orchid, Bell Flower, Carnation, Calla Lily, Stephanotis, Rose, and Lily.

Isn't it easy to picture them in a wedding flower arrangement?

Wedding Flowers picture 1
Wedding Flowers picture 2
Wedding Flowers picture 3

Traditionally, bridal bouquet colors have been all white, or white mixed with pale pink or other pastel color — delicate and subdued. But you can break away from tradition. In my opinion, brilliant colors add to the gaiety and festiveness of this joyous celebration.

Also, you might want to check out these pictures of popular flower arrangement styles.

Any of them can serve as a wedding flower arrangement. Picture how enchanting each would be as a centerpiece at your ceremony and reception tables!

Wedding Flower Tips
Attendant's wedding bouquets are usually smaller versions or variations of the bridal bouquet, and include flowers that match it. Generally, bridal bouquet styles and colors are mirrored as a theme throughout the bridal party — maid of honor, bridesmaids, and flower girl.

The flower girl can carry a small basket which displays a simple flower arrangement, or it can contain loose rose petals (available as silk or fresh) to sprinkle as she walks.

Be sure to get color swatches of the gowns so you can match flowers to them perfectly. And don't forget to add ribbons and bows to bouquets! Pearl sprays also add a nice touch. These can really dress up any wedding bouquet style.

Expert Wedding Flower and Wedding Planning Tips on DVD Video

Wedding Planning DVD Videos

This very popular 4-disc Wedding Planning DVD SET from Martha Stewart makes it easy to help you plan the perfect wedding.

It's the perfect one-stop source for wedding day inspiration with lots of easy-to-follow demonstrations, tips and techniques, and printable planners.

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Here's what is on just the Wedding Flowers DVD Video Disc:

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If you're interested, type 'MARTHA'S COMPLETE WEDDINGS ON DVD' in any search engine to find sellers.

Why Choose Silk Flowers for Your Wedding?
Fresh flowers are always lovely, of course, but do consider using artificial and silk wedding flowers. They are not limited to seasonal availability, and in my opinion offer a wider range of possibilities for unique designs.

And I'm sure you will appreciate that a silk bridal bouquet will seem almost weightless, compared to a fresh bouquet that requires water-soaked foam to delay wilting!

Besides, silk flowers cost about half as much as fresh flowers — and they will endure for many years as a memento of this special day. If you want to save even more money, inquire about RENTING silk florals!

Many people have very good reasons for choosing silk flowers for their wedding bouquet and floral centerpiece arrangements. Perhaps they need to accommodate special considerations, or simply enjoy the flexibility they offer. Maybe you will, too.

The latest silk flower recreations are very realistic and botanically correct. They have come such a long way! Read about the fifty year history of silk flowers. You'll be be enlightened, and maybe even excited enough to look into using silk flowers for your bridal bouquet and wedding flower centerpieces.

Remember, it's your wedding celebration, so feel free to pick and choose from the rainbow of colors and bridal bouquet styles that are available. There are lots of possibilities, especially if you decide to use silk wedding flowers.

Bouquets don't have to be 'normal.' It's your special day — congratulations! Any of these bridal bouquet styles and wedding flowers will surely reflect your joy and happiness. The choice is yours!

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