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Want to learn silk flower arranging techniques
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Need advice on buying or making your own silk flower arrangements and faux bouquets?

Want to view pictures of popular wedding flowers, bridal bouquet styles and flower arrangement styles to gather ideas?

Looking for tips on shopping for artificial flowers, and choosing the right flower arrangement style and color scheme?

Need a guide to the supplies and floral design elements required to make your own silk flower centerpiece?

At, it's all here, ONLINE, for FREE!

While you're here, you'll also learn floral terminology to expand your crafting or shopping expertise.

I'll even tell you how to get fabulous silk flower catalogs from wholesale sources!

That's just the beginning — there's much more to come!

How This Site Can Help YOU

If you are into silk floral crafts, you're probably looking for how-to information to get started quickly and easily in flower arranging, without spending a small fortune.

This website offers a jump-in point to learn floral design basics and get acquainted with flower arrangement styles, including bridal bouquet and wedding flower ideas.

Looking for an easy and elegant do-it-yourself idea for a classy flower arrangement? Check out the 5 step Silk Flower Centerpiece instructions!

Along with silk flower crafting instructions and techniques, you'll also find tips on how to buy wisely and stretch your shopping dollars — all boiled down to streamlined articles that anyone can understand and put to use right away.

If you are shopping for a silk flower centerpiece or looking for bridal bouquet ideas, I hope this site will give you a great big boost to becoming a more informed and knowledgeable buyer.

In no time, you'll be in-the-know about the variety of floral design styles and bridal bouquet styles. You'll pick up some floral design terminology and know-how which can make your shopping experience more enjoyable, because you will feel more confident when requesting help or placing an order.

Even if you consider yourself in the 'shopping' category right now, making your own silk floral arrangements or bouquets can be easy and fun once you know the basics.

A lot of the faux flower arranging tips and techniques on this site are sample articles from my Home Study Course book, The Silk Flower Centerpiece Handbook: A Course FOR IMPATIENT PEOPLE. If you want to learn how to make silk flower arrangements NOW, as fast and as inexpensively as possible, I'm positive that you'll find the Handbook to be a fantastic 'Basics and Beyond' guide to the art of silk flower arranging.

I promise you: silk floral arranging is an enjoyable, relaxing and challenging pastime that will definitely grow on you, and will provide pleasure and creative fulfillment for years to come!

Why not try your hand at it?

Thanks for visiting. Please keep in mind that this site is a continuing work in progress, so do check back to see what's new.

I hope you are surprised and delighted with the free silk flower arranging tips and ideas you find here at

Feel free to contact me (onsite form) with your feedback, questions and suggestions — such as, how this site has helped you, or which floral arrangement tips or artificial flower products you'd like to learn more about.

Best Wishes, David

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