Flower Arrangement Styles:
Making the Right Choice

How many flower arrangement styles are there?

Which one best suits a particular setting or function?

What do you ask for when shopping for a floral design?

This article may help you decide on exactly which flower arrangement styles you'd like for home decor, or for wedding flower centerpieces and arrangements for ceremony, church and reception.

Let's explore the major floral design styles...

Mound Flower Arrangement

Mound / Round Flower Arrangement

I'm sure you are familiar with this style. Viewable from all sides, the floral elements combine to form a half-ball shape.

This round flower arrangement adds a pleasing accent to any setting.

Triangular Flower Arrangement

Tall Triangular Flower Arrangement
Horizontal Flower Arrangement

The triangle shaped flower arrangement can be created to be viewed from all sides, or it can be made one-sided if it is to be placed against a wall. It can be an 'A' shaped design in a tall container, which is very nice as an altar flower arrangement for a church or wedding ceremony. A large bow can add flair.

Or it can be a low, flattened pyramid shape in a low container, which creates a horizontal flower arrangement suitable for table decor at any celebration. A candle placed at the center adds a romantic touch.

Asymmetrical Flower Arrangement

Asymmetrical Flower Arrangement
This elegant style, known as the Asymmetrical L, is created as a one-sided floral arrangement, and looks best in a low container.

It doesn't require too many flowers (depending on size) and makes a nice display for an entrance hall, corner location, mantel, bookcase, or the ends of a buffet table.

Crescent Flower Arrangement

Crescent Flower Arrangement
The one-sided crescent flower arrangement is similar to the Asymmetrical L style. The design forms a smooth, low half-moon shape rather than straight angles. A low oval or oblong container is recommended, but not required.

This floral arrangement makes a graceful accent to an entrance hall, corner location, mantel, bookcase, or the ends of a buffet table.

Hogarth Curve Flower Arrangement

Hogarth Curve Flower Arrangement
This one-sided style, also called the Hogarth S, extends the idea of the half-moon shape in the crescent style. Floral elements curve in from the top and sweep down to suggest a smooth, flowing 'S' shape.

This simple and graceful flower arrangement captures attention when displayed in a tall vase, or as a door or wall piece.

The Hogarth Curve can also be incorporated into a wreath design.

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I hope you enjoyed this simplified guide to flower arrangement styles. Now go ahead and use your knowledge to get exactly what you want!

All flower arrangement pictures, except the Asymmetrical L, are the courtesy of Chrissie Harten, who hails from the U.K. Visit her website to view many more examples of wonderful flower arrangement styles and ideas — over 300 of them, and growing. Wow! Thank you, Chrissie!

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