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Silk Flower Smart NEWS - JAN 2016: Floral Design and Color Trends, Resources for You!
January 30, 2016

Silk Flower Smart NEWS - JAN 2016:

Floral Design and Color Trends, Resources for You!

Hi everyone -

This issue of Silk Flower Smart NEWS takes a look at the ‘science’ of design and color trend forecasting, and offers resources for further exploration.

Certainly, fashion and home decor trends will influence floral design styling.

Have you ever wondered who sets the stage each year for which COLORS are going to be ‘hot’ and most in-demand, thus affecting every industry globally?

One of the dominating forces behind color trend forecasting is the Pantone Color Institute (see Since 2000, their experts have provided forecasts and reports on color direction, months ahead of the upcoming season.

Another strong influence is an international association of color design professionals known as CMG, or the Color Marketing Group (see Founded in 1962, they also focus on identifying the direction of color and design trends.

These groups, and others, undertake studies of global influences - - cultural, environmental, social - - to assess the spirit of the time and forecast the main color that will most likely dominate.

(NOTE: Depending on global area, dominant color and associated color palettes may vary.)

Companies and industries worldwide will base their product lines on these assessments because, as CMG says, ‘Color sells…and the right colors sell better!’

So, what are the trending colors for 2016?

Pantone indicates a combination of pale rose and soft blue as leading the group, with darker shades and some contrasting colors filling in the palette.

CMG leans to undertones of red, which includes pinks and purples.

Please visit the websites for more in-depth information and insight.


2016 predictions, past year forecasts - - wedding trends, home decor trends, floral design trends!

Visit and discover a collection of helpful LINKS to ‘information and topics impacting the world of changing flower trends, flower types, floral varieties, flower colors and floral design styles and arrangements.’

Here’s a taste of some hot 2016 trends covered:

2016 Wedding Flower Arrangements and Decor will be featuring a mix of style and simplicity. Warm and bright metallic accents will add glitz, especially rose-gold tones.

Reception hall layouts that move away from a ‘conference event’ ambience are on the rise - - clients and guests seem to be looking for a more intimate, lounge- like experience.

2016 Wedding Bouquet styles will tend to be more contemporary and free-form - - less structured, more creative and fun.

Reception table centerpieces will reflect the same free-form emphasis, and may incorporate more foliage and decorative elements, with less flowers.

As for 2016 Home Design trends, nostalgic Art Deco and Art Nouveau patterns are making a comeback!

Visit the site to learn about these trends and more - - and enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

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